About us

The MegaWindForce design has been under development since 2016 with the goal of reinventing the wind turbine to produce power more cheaply and with less impact on people and the environment.

MegaWindForce is aimed at small-scale wind turbines that run at lower speeds and therefore cause less disturbance to the surrounding area.

The shareholders now consist of the Wervelwind Foundation, which organizes private certificate holders, and a number of larger private shareholders.

We are currently doing a market scan and presales with our organization. With the results, we will raise capital to build, test and put the prototype into production.

Eric van der Gun 

Our Team

CEO drs. Eric van der Gun MRE:

Eric has won his spurs in the development and realization of larger solar parks from 2014 in both the Netherlands and abroad.

drs. Gerard van Noort:

As CEO of Aeolis Forecasting Services, Gerard has been active in the wind industry since 2001, forecasting wind and energy revenues for the power sector.

Dr. Roland Luijendijk:

Roland has been involved with Mega Windforce since 2018, first as a financier and investor. He has since built up considerable expertise and network.

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